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Full Creative
Maybe you think you want to make a video but you aren't sure what to do. No problem, we're here to help. Let's catch up for a chat and we will will ask the questions that will help us design the perfect creative for you and your business or project. With 400+ TV commercials, 6 LifestyleTV series and hundreds of corporate videos under our belts, let's talk and get those creative juices flowing...

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Video Production
4K, Full HD, drones, wireless lapels... to be honest, you don't really need to understand these words that a lot of production companies throw at you to try to impress you. All you need to know, is that at Zebra Productions, we never compromise on the production values no matter what the job or the size of the budget. This means that everything will come out looking and sounding as good as you imagine so that the message gets through.


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Our in house team of editors work hard to deliver you the pictures ahead of schedule every time, and will work along side of you to tweak and finesse everything until it is perfect and just how you imagined.


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Sometimes we might need to use animation to help tell a story or make a point, and when we do, we are only limited by imagination. Animators have the special ability to really take something and bring it to life. Whether it be text, characters, or effects, animation can add that extra 1% to the work that gives it the cut through and memorability that sets your work apart from the competitors.


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Video Transfers
This one is pretty easy to explain. At Zebra Productions we can transfer any format to any format, so no excuses to not look at those slides from the family holiday to Europe in 1964, the fading pics from your 8th birthday party, or the compact VHS tape that you have sitting on the bookshelf. Quickly and easily we will digitize it and get it back to you so that you can enjoy it all once again, or maybe even for the very first time. Visit our Video Transfers website for further information or a quote for transforming your memories.